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my sweet bird

Utterly captured, Ptiza. Utterly. Captured.

Ask yourself a question… anyone but me…

Anyone but you what?

Hummer lyrics. I don’t use my own words. You know this. Are you free? Do you feel love is real?

Well, I was gonna say, I thought freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

Love Janis. God that’s a good book. I have literally hundreds of excerpts. How’s the reading? It’s a lecture, yeah?

Are you asking me or are those more song lyrics?

Literally the same song. Anyway. I hope it’s a good reading. I hope you like it. But it’s fine if you don’t. Throw it in the fire.

Well, I haven’t hacked into the song lyrics part of your brain yet to copy everything to mine.

I feel you working on it, though.

It’s a great reading, and the lecture format suits it.


Well, yeah.

In your beanbag, under your Christmas lights. Sage burning. Just sifting through the lyrics files, which take up more than half of the shelves.

That sounds awesome. What am I wearing?

Rainbow fluffy onesie. And I just assumed you were talking about Janis, even though Kris wrote it.

I was talking about Janis for sure even though he wrote it.

You have a space in my mind. And in my heart. You can hang out there anytime you want. Sorry about the mess. I threw a couple of parties and housekeeping is on strike.

I will forgive you for not inviting me to the parties as long as you don’t expect me to clean. Plus, I would never cross a picket line.

I’d have invited you. And you alone.

Even if I spent the whole evening, trying to convince you to give the housekeeping union what they want?

I imagine it to be pretty well organized, tbh, though some things are likely thrown willy nilly in trunks and closets. Likely needs a good deep cleaning. I’m open to negotiations with housekeeping. I have no idea where they went.

They went out to find their own rainbow, fluffy onesies.

I get that. It leaves a lot to the imagination. It’s a vibe.

How’s your imagination?

Vivid. Active.

It’s all that collagen I bet.

Oh. And captured. Utterly captured.