to barter for two truths

is she, he asked? not yet, you said.

driving 82 on 10

in a van full of drugs 

and your breath in my ear

in my dreams

we’re sitting in silence 

as the mountains light up 

and the shadows of cactus

define them

orchards and boxcars 

tell me, pull over

crawl over the fence

with the camera

get some more bruises

some more scars, funny stories

little sister imitations 

of her big brother’s work 

so now in the silence

steer through the heat

on the line of the love

through thousands of miles

through twenty years

did you know how i loved you

when you pulled me out of the quicksand

children keeping secrets

and losing shoes

did you know how i loved you

when you pulled me through broken glass

children keeping secrets

watching spiders in the sun

and glinting eyes in the dark

so just like when we were small

you told me it would be okay

you made me


it would be okay

did i know how i loved you

so the universe told me

it’s all balanced now

and you don’t need shoes

on someone’s shoulders

when i love you

when i love you